15 Tips to be great software developer

I just bumped into a great article by Miguel Angel Carrasco of http://www.realsoftwaredevelopment.com. It put forwards 15 tips, that if followed help you become not just good software developer but Great Software Developer, here is a summary and you can check the whole article here.

  1. Great quality code at lightening speed
  2. “100%” Correct interpretation of problem
  3. Look at the solution(s) from all possible angles before you start coding.
  4. How much confidence your manager has in your code
  5. How much confidence others have in your solution
  6. Always meet users requirements
  7. Staying up to date
  8. Contributions towards the team
  9. Make great meeting minutes
  10. Be teachable and take criticism well
  11. Be always available when needed
  12. Dress professionally everyday
  13. Communication abilities
  14. Goal Settings skills
  15. Organizational skills

Great list, Good job Miguel Angel Carrasco