New round of browser war

Google, by launching Chrome, has brought the old forgotten browser war back. It will be interesting to see how it changes the evolution of web and web browser in  the future.

One key difference however, between old and new browser war is, instead of two, this time we have four big players in the field; that is MS IE , Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

Microsoft, Mozilla and Google have respectively released IE 8 (beta), FF 3.0 and Chrome (beta) almost simultaneously.  If you ask me who is the winner, my answer would be Chrome is a clear winner at least in this round.

I first tried IE8 when IE Beta for developer was released but i could not use it any further as it was crashing again and again, whenever i will try to search anything using my Google Toolbar. So i had to uninstall it. I tried it again when IE 8 Beta 2 was released and i had to remove it again, as despite of MS claim that IE wont crash if one tab freezes due to some badly written script, it won’t crash the browser but only one tab,  in reality it was crashing every now and then. Out of frustration i would have to reopen all those sites again (in FF or Chrome).

Most noticeable aspect in the newest browser on the block, Chrome, is its speed as compared to IE 8 and even Firefox (which takes too long to start up). It was way faster then both of them.

Second most noticeable feature is its minimalistic design, with Tabs at the Top, a super address bar, which lets you add addresses and search strings in the same box and simple navigation. While using Google chrome, you will feel like being on your desktop with your applications arranged in different tabs. That fits very well in Google’s long term plans, where it wants web as the desktop and center of all kinds of computing.
Chrome has another advantage; It is based on Web Toolkit, which conforms to W3 standards, so as far as rendering is concerned Chrome will be easier to develop applications against while IE is hardest in that regards due to many proprietary extensions by Microsoft (Even though they have announced that IE 8 is going to be standard conforming).